Astonishing 100 000 Views – 4 Tools to Create Growth

By Daniel Nilsson on March 30, 2016

100 000 americans studied in China 2014. 100 000 Mercedes cars was ordered by Uber this year. Kickstarted has funded 100 000 successful campaigns. And…. The 4 tools I created 2013, to help create growth, have just passed astonishing 100 000 views.

My dream is to help as many as possible to grow companies and boost sales

It all started as a self learning process where I was trying to understand how I could better launch and grow companies. When I was done I published my result to Slideshare, a site for sharing presentations. At that moment I could not even dream that three years later I would reach 100 000 views. I hope I will one day reach 1 million and that more people can be helped by my work.

Please share the 4 tools to create growth 

Below you find the 4 growth tools I created. Please help me reach 1 million. Share the tools with colleagues, friends, on social media, yes anywhere you like. Just click on the share buttons in the end of the article.

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