I can’t believe we did this – 100 unique Dala Horses to Nepal

One of my proudest moments This is one of the most magical moments of my life. Aviad Arik Herman and I got this crazy idea that we should create a project where children painted 400 Dala Horses in Sweden and then distribute them to less fortunate children. Think about it. Organizing an event for 400 children to paint (two kids […]

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How we reached 1 billion people – The One Life Dreams Project

My nr one life goal is to create a positive effect for over 100 million people all over the world during my lifetime. A goal I set a few years back without any plan for how I will achieve or measure it. I have decided to trust the universe and destiny that opportunities will arise where I can serve the […]

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My Two Favourite Charity Organisations with a Major Impact

Join me and start to invest in the future of the human race There is a lot of bad stuff going on around the world. Everything from starvation to extremely cruel actions done by humans. And it is sad. Really really sad. But as a positive person I feel that it is important to invest in what can change the […]

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