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By Daniel Nilsson on June 27, 2013

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12 reasons why you would like me in your team


I am a natural leader and approach leadership with the standpoint of sensitivity and understanding.

Amazing results

Each year more than 200,000 people are affected by products and companies that my friends and I built from scratch.

I believe

I believe in creating customer-focused solutions and processes that last, are loved by the end users and give me the possibility to leave a legacy.


I have over 15 years experience of management and business development.

Building teams

I find it easy to inspire and motivate my team and I excel at coordinating and supervising people with focus on efficiency.

Love to learn

I find it very enjoyable to learn new things constantly and I try to do at least one internet course each semester.

Action, action and action

I really enjoy to get things done and I am extremely focused on my goals.

Question status quo

I constantly question the status quo and ask myself what can we do better. Constant improvement makes me happy.

Create new things that lasts

I  create things that does not exists yet and make them work for real.

My boss shine

I enjoy making my boss shine by constantly helping to deliver real results that matters.

Super performer

I believe that in todays business environment you need to be fast and efficient. I have developed a speed that helps me to be a super performer.

Increase value

By constantly building and improving I help to increase the value not only provided to customers and partner but the actual value of the company.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a larger organisation where I can help to build a new department or improve a current department. I am looking for a challenge where I can learn new things at the same time as I help to improve and build. I am a good fit in the following situations/roles

  • COO – I have worked as a COO for Cryptzone Group and Mopper and I really enjoy to improve and build up an entire organisation.
  • Senior Business Development – I am a good fit for a business development department that focus on creating new business and improve current business model.
  • Chief Marketing Officer – I excel at creating marketing strategies and implement them. I am specialised in Inbound Marketing and automated marketing systems.
  • Investment Management – With my eye for details and experience of building business models I have a great ability to evaluate business investments.
  • Product manager – I really enjoy to become very knowledgeable about a specific solution and then start to improve the product business model. I have created, managed and improved several products.
  • Sales, marketing and service as one single role – The customer don’t really care what departments that exist within an organisation. The issue is though that many organisations have created walls between the different departments. I am interested in a role where I can help to break down these walls and create a true customer-centric approach.

Are you interested in a super performer? Email Daniel Nilsson!

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