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Hello, I’m Daniel Nilsson

My passion is to help people and organizations grow with validated tools and success formulas. Over 250 000 people have used my creations with fantastic results and my objective is to help over 100 million people. I hope I can help you too.


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7 Success Factors for B2B Sales I Wish All Sales Managers Knew

I got a message from a new social media friend asking a simple question. “I am not sure I understand the 7 laws of B2B selling?”. To be honest, I was not sure what he meant by seven laws. But it made me start thinking. I love processes and concepts but if I was new to B2B sales where should […]

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Eat this Genius Food to Be Super Productive – My personal secret formula

My Personal Secret Formula Supercharge your day with these productivity boosters Many people ask me how my productivity stay so high. Waking up at 5, meditate, have coffee, go to the gym and still be in the office by 8:45. In addition, I am well trained and lean with only 10-12 % body fat. Not to bad for someone that […]

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How I Broke the Code for Advanced Value Proposition Creation Design

Two entirely different prospects and only one message  2013 I started to work for Mentice, a company designing medical simulation software and hardware for endovascular procedures. My new job was a real challenge for me. First of all, I have never worked in health; secondly the vertical is heavily regulated, and for the third, I did not have a clue […]

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This underrated skill will help you transform your product launch

Sales, marketing, pitching, creating Powerpoints – This is the skill you need to elevate for your product launch A successful Product Launch is essential for all organizations. I had the exciting opportunity to build up global companies several times, and if I could go back in time, I wish I could tell myself to learn the skill of creating outstanding Value Propositions […]

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Use Sales Enablement to Become a Kickass Sales Manager

A lot of sales managers don’t seem to know what sales enablement is. I’m sure of all of us have experienced a terrible sales manager and sales structure. You attend endless sales meetings that never gives you anything. You feel unappreciated, and every sale is a fight through the internal bureaucracy. Yes, I have been there too. A few months […]

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