My “14 Steps to Build a Partner Program” has been Top Listed

By Daniel Nilsson on December 22, 2015

How to Kickstart your Channel Partner Program

One of my life goals is to help 100 million people before I leave this planet. One thing I have done is to create several SlideShare presentations that explains how to do a Value Proposition, B2B Sales Process and my 14 step how to build a partner program. The success of my presentations are wild and to this date over 120 000 people has used them.

Last week I got a message on Twitter that Docurated has selected my SlideShare presentation “14 steps to build a partner program” as one of ten great resources to kickstart your channel partner program.

As you can imagine I am very proud and they wrote a very nice review about my presentation and listed it as nr 1 just above the resources from the marketing giant Hubspot. Below you can see what they wrote.

Daniel Nilsson Partner Program


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Check out the presentation – How to build Channel Partner Program

If you would like to check out my 14 steps to build a partner program you can look at it below and all my other SlideShare Presentations can be found by clicking on this link