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,,Growth is a process of trial and error. Intelligent experimentation and continuous learning will help you to take the business to a new level of success.

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20 Inspiring Motivational Speeches to Supercharge Your Mind

Motivational speeches helped me, and now I want them to help you. We all have the issue. We don’t have the energy to work hard, to reach our dreams and we need motivation. We need a battery to supercharge ourselves. Sure, you can meditate, eat right and exercise but on some occasions, we need someone else to tell us what […]

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How to Create Growth by Converting Customers to Fans – 3 Step Formula

You don’t need customers. You need fans and promoters Gartner claims that the top tool to close deals is customer references. Hubspot has added to their definition of Inbound marketing the importance to convert customers to promoters. I have been involved in building and growing support & marketing teams for over ten years and my experience is that pleased and […]

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How to create customer profiles / buyer personas for B2B Sales

Most know nothing about their customers  Here are some thought-provoking questions for you. How many times have you started a new job and within the first week you are trained and educated about the customer. What jobs the customer has. What pains they want to avoid and what gains they are looking for. How much research material about the customer […]

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3 awesome growth tools for your business – Celebrating 200 000 helped

I never imagined or even dreamed that the three growth tools I created in 2013 would help more than 200 000 people to grow their business. At that time I was thinking a lot about what I want from life, and I set a dream goal for myself. Before I leave this planet, I want to help 100 million people. […]

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How to Design a Sales Process for B2B Sales

Google “challenges in B2B sales process” and you will be served with 1,240,000 results. That’s 1.24 million! In the era of innovation and creativity in business, business models are changing fast. Each business has its unique challenges and opportunities. Even though it sounds normal to new entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs, this has changed the B2B sales landscape forever. The sales process […]

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Partner Program – The 14 Steps to Build Your Reseller Channel Program

How can a reseller channel partner program help you? Katrina Razavi, a business development professional, helped a B2B startup increase annual revenue by 1,983% and increase user base by 1,000% within six months…without any upfront costs. How? Yes, you guessed it right. Partner reseller program is the right answer. Partner programs are so powerful that even multi-billion tech companies including […]

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Create an Outstanding Message About Your Solution – Online course

Learn 4 amazing Value Proposition tools the super professionals use. Craft presentations and text that will impress   You need to stand out in 7 seconds The competition is fierce and you need to be able to catch interest in less than 7 seconds and then keep it. This is true no matter if you are creating a message for […]

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My über Popular SlideShare is Updated – How to craft Customer Centric Value Propositions

37 000 Views I really love to help people. 2013 I created a power point, a presentation on how to create value propositions and uploaded it to SlideShare. A forum to share presentations. Today 37 000 people have viewed the it and I get thank you emails and thank you comments weekly. I am so grateful for being able to […]

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